Welcome to the CJ Department Official Blog!

Mary Hoffman
CJ Department Chair
Mary Hoffman

Greetings Alumni, Students and Friends:

Great things happen every week in the Department of Communication and Journalism at UW-Eau Claire! Because we don’t want to share this news in just one newsletter each year, and because we teach our students to use blogs in their work as journalists and communication professionals, we thought we should start one ourselves.

Follow us for weekly updates on the exciting things that students, faculty and alumni of the department are doing.  This semester our students are preparing for a research and service trip to Moldova, editing stories they shot on their trip south for the Civil Rights Pilgrimage during January, creating original radio programming, polishing speeches and literature for national forensics tournaments this spring, and preparing for or returning from internships at news stations, newspapers, agencies and non-profit organizations—and that’s just outside of class. As part of class projects, students are producing Update News and Inside Eau Claire, serving as communication consultants or developing public relations and advertising campaigns for campus and community organizations and conducting original academic research on communication.  Each week we will highlight activities like these and provide updates on faculty and alumni.

Each month we’ll post updates from alumni who contact us, so send us an email and let us know what you are up to.  Then check back and see what others are doing.  Maybe you’ll reconnect with an old acquaintance or find a new networking opportunity.

Public relations major Anna Moegenburg is the department communication intern this semester.  Please contact her at C-J55@uwec.edu with alumni updates, or to let her know what you’d like to read about on the blog.  Thanks to new graduate Katie Hamel for her work on social media last semester—good luck Katie!

If you are a Facebook user please like our page, and visit often to keep track of daily activities in the department.


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