Why Writing Now Will Help You in the Future

Public Relations Major
Rachel Vick

By Rachel Vick

Do you ever find yourself letting your thoughts run wild? Do you find your opinions getting limited to a 140-character tweet? Or rather, do you keep them inside, and let only yourself hear your views and ideas?

When was the last time you just wrote – not for a class? Writing in communications is one of the single most important skills to have, whether you are in public relations, journalism, advertising, and more. The first thing employers will ask for upon looking at your resume is a collection of different writing samples.

Writing for a blog can give you an extra edge and put you ahead of the competition. Not only can it enhance your writing skills, but also employers can also see your personality shine through. Employers definitely want to see you in your writing, and press releases don’t always show that. When your personality shines through, employers can get a better feel for who you are as a person and an employee!

Blogger Jeff Bullas covered a study done by All Academic Research, which revealed what people blog about:

Internal topics, which deliver blogger’s revelations on:

  • Experience and work
  • Relationship with friends and family
  • Intimate feelings

External topics such as:

  • Reflections
  • Comments on politics
  • Technology
  • Public events

If you find yourself with running thoughts and no outlet, use a blog to express yourself. The Communication and Journalism’s Department blog is a great way to start. You never know what you could accomplish personally as well as professionally!

Vick is a mass communication – public relations major and a web design minor. She hosts a weekly radio show called Blugold Radio on WUEC 89.7 FM and manages the chapter blog for PRSSA. She also interns at Strategic Communications in social media and media relations. 


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