Intermediate Journalism Class Takes The Devroy Forum to the Next Level

Dr. Dorsher
CJ 321 Instructor
Dr. Michael Dorsher

All 22 students in the CJ 321: Intermediate Journalism class attended the 16th annual Ann Devroy Memorial Forum on April 25, but they did much more than just partake of the reception buffet and listen to the speech by Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus.

These students were “on assignment.” They took careful notes; interviewed students, faculty and journalists both before and after the speech; composed photos; and recorded voiceovers — all so they could produce a multimedia website covering every aspect of this year’s Devroy Forum, as you can see here. And for the first time in CJ Department practice, they produced a pdf-based website that is optimized for viewing on iPads, iPhones, iPods and iMacs, although it looks great on other mobile devices and PCs, too.

Student Koreen Greenhow interviews Devroy Scholarship winner Rachel Minske at the forum.
Photo by Mackenzie Miller

CJ 321 instructor Mike Dorsher said he made this assignment with two things in mind: There’s no better way to learn about journalism than by doing journalism, and mobile devices are becoming the newspapers of the 21st century. Apple has already sold 100 million iPads, and 23 percent of UWEC’s undergraduates already own iPads, with 66 percent owning smart phones, according to a random sample survey (with a 6 percent margin of error) conducted this semester by Dorsher’s CJ 303: Research Methods for Journalists class.

“Our students are learning to produce the news they want on the devices they use,” Dorsher said. “This isn’t their parents’ and grandparents’ newspaper anymore.”


One thought on “Intermediate Journalism Class Takes The Devroy Forum to the Next Level

  1. I had the good fortune to attend classes with Ann Devroy back in the 60s. We also used to hang around the Blugold Room, drinking coffee and discussing the politics of the day. It is wonderful that her memory lives on with such a fine tribute through the speakers series.

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