CJ students venture to cave monastery in Orhei, Moldova

On Friday, we ventured to the Butuceni Cave Monastery located approximately an hour outside of Moldova’s capitol city, Chisinau in the Orhei district. We traveled the bumpy and winding roads to our destination in a van. Our driver was kind and stopped the vehicle many times for unique photo opportunities. Once we arrived at the monastery, we explored a traditional Moldovan village house. We then hiked up to the distant monastery where we learned about the history and significance of the 600-year-old monastic home built into the ridge. Our group wore headscarves to show respect on the grounds of the monastery. We ate lunch while overlooking the gorgeous valley below and enjoying fun conversation.

Rachel Minske, UWEC Journalism Major


The Raut River Valley below wends its way past the Butuceni Cave Monastery. Monks still work the fields below by hand. Chi Ab Vang, Rachel Debner, Ginna Roe, Rachel Minske and Jan Larson show their UW-Eau Claire pride. © 2013 Monika Hartsel



One of our many photo opportunities of the day, the Russian Orthodox church pictured in the distance struck us as beautiful. © 2013 Rachel Minske.


The monastery’s cathedral was under renovation when we visited. © 2013 Rachel Minske


A stone cross marks the spot of the original monastery. © 2013 Rachel Minske


Moldova women sell souvenirs along the pathway that connected the nearby village and the monastery. © 2013 Rachel Minske


Along the road to the Butuceni Cave Monastery, scenic overlooks offer a view of the Raut River valley and the village of Butuceni. © 2013 Rachel Minske


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