The Power of Twitter

Words are so powerful in the world of communication.  One must choose their words wisely in order to made a lasting impression on their peers.  This concept of strategically choosing your words is beyond applicable in the world of Twitter.  Every user is given 140 characters to construct their point and convey their message to their followers.

Hashtags are powerful tools that have exploded throughout Twitter. Many members use hashtags to elaborate on their main message and to find other members that are interested in the same subjects as them.  Members use hashtags to connect their message to others and seek out other users who are conversing about similar topics. Every member of Twitter shows their character and personality through the things they choose to tweet.  Some individuals choose to focus on current events and share stories that they deem worthwhile or intriguing.  Others use the site as a networking tool to connect with people they admire.  Who doesn’t love a retweet from a celebrity they adore? Image

Countless CJ alumni are on Twitter and are choosing to showcase their passions through their words.  Kevin Hunt (@kevin_hunt) is the Social Media Manager in Global Communications at General Mills and has over 2100 followers.  Hunt utilizes his Twitter to share several news stories during the day.  He posts stories that directly correlate to his professional life, including social media trends and preferences in breakfast choices.  Staying up-to-date on these trends allows Hunt to have a competitive edge in his position.

Twitter is seen as a social, personal branding opportunity for many Millennials.  Clair Casey and Paige Skeie, both Blugold alumni, fully embrace this opportunity to market themselves.  Casey (@Clair_Casey) is an Account Coordinator at The Brandman Agency in New York City.  She showcases her lifestyle and hobbies in New York through her tweets.  Twitter just announced that it will be adding photo tagging and collages to its site to appeal to members, such as Casey and Skeie.  It will be fascinating to see this new chapter unfold and see how it evolves along the way.  Skeie (@paigeskeie) is a Content Migration Specialist at Sport Ngin in Minneapolis.  Skeie flaunts her love of sports and her adjustment into the working world on her Twitter page.

Expanding one’s presence on Twitter allows for new doors to open in the future.  What is one way you engage others on Twitter or show your personality through your words?


Image: Retrieved March 27, 2014, from: /files/2010/11/twitter-follow-achiever.jpg.


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