Applying Your Degree

This week I had the pleasure of sitting down with Danielle Widmer to discuss her path in the workplace.  Danielle graduated from UWEC with a degree in Organizational Communication and then began working for the Admissions office full-time that July.  She said that her internship with the Admissions office, while she was a student, prepared her nicely for her transition into the Admissions Counselor role.  

Danielle touched on her struggle of earning respect from her peers when she initially made her transition from an intern to a full-time employee.  She explained that she was moving into a role where she would be supervising interns, some of whom were older than her or who knew more than her about certain events in the office.  She embraced this situation with honesty and sincerity, while attempting to immerse herself in her new leadership role. Image

Danielle’s love of our campus and community was so apparent throughout our conversation.  She spoke to the authenticity of her job and how she adores working in higher education.  She has a plethora of knowledge and credibility when representing our campus because she was a student and understands all that that entails.  She enjoys telling personal stories about her time on campus and touching on her favorite professors.
Our ever-changing campus is so beautiful and welcoming to prospective students.  Danielle’s favorite part of campus is the Davies Student Center because of the culture and atmosphere that are present.  Tours can walk through Davies and witness students going about their normal days and picture themselves doing the same.  There are so many places to enjoy in Davies, whether it be the Cabin or simply sitting by one of the fireplaces while doing homework.
Danielle spoke about how she applies her degree quite often in her job but that her ability to build and maintain relationships was her biggest takeaway.  Communication and understanding what drives other people are two invaluable skills that apply to Admissions and countless other professions. 

Alumni and friends – What was your biggest takeaway from your college degree?



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