Intermediate Journalism Students Provide Online Coverage of Annual Devroy Forum

By: Associate CJ Professor Mike Dorsher

Students in this semester’s CJ 321: Intermediate Journalism class began planning their coverage of the April 17 Ann Devroy Memorial Forum a month ahead of time. But they had to throw out much of that planning and scramble to catch up to events when the Devroy Forum’s originally scheduled keynote speaker, Washington Post “In the Loop” columnist Al Kamen, suffered a back injury and had to cancel just three days before the event. The Post’s White House bureau chief, Scott Wilson, quickly and graciously volunteered to take Kamen’s place, but the Intermediate Journalism students knew almost nothing about him, so they had to dive into researching his background.
Three days later, the 16 Intermediate Journalism students were ready to cover every facet of this year’s Devroy Forum: the reception for Wilson and community/campus leaders, his question and answer session with them, the awarding of the Devroy Fellowship to a top journalism student, Wilson’s keynote address and the audience questions that followed. Plus, several of the CJ 321 students sat in the following morning when Wilson stayed over and met with the CJ 303: Research Methods for Journalists class and then had an exclusive lunch with a half-dozen journalism students in the Second Year Experience program.

You can see and hear all of the Intermediate Journalism students’ coverage of this year’s Devroy Forum events at

The site – thanks largely to the CJ 321 students’ enthusiastic social media promotion of it – had more than 500 page views in its first week, and the site’s editors continued to refine it all week long. Because as today’s journalism students know, news happens, and the story is never complete. Keep reading the Communication and Journalism Blog for the ongoing story of the CJ Department and its students!


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