Settling into the Semester

615762_10100190585697223_1454025601_oHello everyone. My name is Alex Jansen and I’ll be managing the blog this semester. I will be graduating in December with a degree in public relations. Unlike most students here, I don’t have a minor because I am a second-degree student; I received a bachelor’s degree in Communication Arts from UW-Madison in 2010.

I decided to come back to school and study public relations because after graduating the first time around, I moved to Los Angeles and quickly found I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do with my life. Public relations to me represented an area where creative language and critical thinking could be used in very practical, relevant ways. Oddly enough, the reason I ended up in Eau Claire is because I was originally accepted as and spent one semester as a graduate student studying English Literature.

I look forward to sharing news, research and more from our Communication & Journalism department faculty, students and alumni. I would also love to hear from alumni, so feel free to email me at


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