Welcoming a New Familiar Face AND a New Brand

Greetings, and thanks for keeping in touch with the UWEC Department of Communication and Journalism through this blog.  As we move through the third week of an exciting new academic year, it seems like a good time to update you on a newish face in the department and a new brand.

Dr. Evan Perrault: A familiar face, a different role

Dr. Evan Perrault

The department is very pleased to welcome Dr. Evan Perrault back to UWEC and to the department.  Evan began work this fall as an assistant professor with primary teaching duties in the public relations area.  He recently completed a Ph.D. in Communication at Michigan State University. He is particularly interested in public relations messages in health care contexts. Evan is a 2006 UWEC graduate with majors in broadcast journalism and political science, and he has professional experience in broadcast journalism. Even though the campus looks quite a bit different than it did when he left in 2006, Evan says he feels at home. The department looks forward to the wonderful knowledge and experience he will bring to students.

A note on The Power of AND

In May 2014, the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire launched a new brand, designed to better reflect what it means to be a Blugold.  As the brand launch website saysUW-Eau Claire helps to unleash The Power of AND by challenging students, faculty, staff and alumni to explore their multiple passions and academic pursuits. Blugolds are not defined solely by one interest or discipline. They are competitive, successful graduates with much to offer the world.”

As you might guess, the Department of Communication AND Journalism is no stranger to The Power of ANDOur students combine mastering theoretical knowledge AND gaining applied experience, they are strong students AND working professionals, and they are leaders on campus AND active in the community. Check out the brand launch page for much more information on the new brand, and for lots of photos of students identifying their Power of AND.

Over the course of the year, this blog will share many stories of how students experience The Power of AND in the Department of Communication and Journalism. Alumni—let us know how The Power of AND has played out in your lives by contacting Alex Jansen, social media intern at CJIntern@uwec.edu or commenting on this post.

Mary Hoffman, professor and chair of the department


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