Abby Vidmar Reflects on a Summer Internship She Will Not Soon Forget

Movies and television portray the tasks of interns as getting coffee for the boss, endless wrestling matches with the copy machine and retrieving the boss’s dry cleaning. That was not the case this past summer with my internship at Hendricks Marketing, a marketing firm in Saint Cloud, Minnesota.

Wendy Hendricks is the proud owner of the firm. She recruits and collaborates with different talents in advertising, public relations, website management, photography, video and other various businesses to create a customized campaign for her clients. I knew from the very start that this was not an ordinary internship.

On the third day, Wendy set the bar high by giving me the opportunity to meet Governor Dayton and the Mayor of Saint Cloud at a press conference. The experience exceeded my expectations during the few months I worked in “Minneapolis with a supportive community twist.”

Meeting Governor Dayton

Wendy granted me the chance to work directly with her colleagues to advance their business. I was able to conduct research for businesses interested in market expansion and industry design as well as sell advertising space for Business Central magazine.  In addition, I contributed to coordinating and planning events for fundraisers; I created promotional material to be sent through email blasts and direct mail, and attended meetings with businesses all over Saint Cloud specializing in an assortment of marketing aspects.

When people say “Work hard, play hard,” Wendy knows the significance of balancing work and life, and she taught me how to do it gracefully. She volunteers her time to organizations and brought me to several unique events. Not only did I get the privilege of oiling up attractive firefighters for a breast cancer fundraiser, but I also judged the Sauk Rapids Ambassador pageant. This internship definitely had some perks.

And those attractive firefighters!

Learning quickly throughout my internship that building and keeping positive relationships are crucial to success, these lessons have since carried over to my classes. It is important to keep goodwill and great relations with everyone I encounter. Doing the little things such as sending a thank you card or recognizing individuals for their hard work really matter. During my internship I was given a great deal of responsibility and was head of accounts. This has helped me with my job on campus as the Advertising Manager of The Spectator. I am able to take initiative, motivate my staff and stay focused on the objectives of the advertising team.

My internship at Hendricks Marketing has helped me gain perspective regarding professional relationships, confirmed my belief that I am on the right path to successful future endeavors in the workforce and shaped me into a better person. Overall, my internship experience was valuable and irreplaceable.

 Abby Vidmar


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