CJ Peer Advisors on Making Your Spring (and Winter) a Success

This week’s CJ blog is written by Alexis Benjamin and Amanda Krueger. Alexis and Amanda are peer advisors in the Department of Communication and Journalism. Peer advising is a relatively new program that uses the skills of some of our very best students to serve as academic advising support for CJ majors. Alexis is studying organizational communication and pre-professional health, and Amanda is studying journalism, psychology and French. As you will learn from the post, the peer advisors never take the place of the student’s assigned academic advisor. Instead they support the advising process by answering questions about the registration system, coaching students on completing their online degree plan and directing them to important campus resources.

Their post contains great resources for current students, and for the rest of you, a peek at the broad range of topics addressed through academic advising.

To learn more about how the Department of Communication and Journalism is using academic advising to help students navigate the college experience, gain meaningful experience in and outside the classroom, and graduate in four years, please visit the CJ advising webpage.

A Post from the CJ Peer Advisors:


We are the CJ Department Peer Academic Advisors—Amanda and Alexis! Our job is to help students understand their Degree Audits, create their Degree Plan and help them out with advising while guiding them to resources on campus.

Registration is coming up and it is important that students start to meet with their advisors! Even if you are a junior or senior and don’t have to meet with your advisor, you should check to see that you are on track and find out what resources are available for beginning to start your career. Bring your Degree Audit, Degree Plan, and any questions you have! If you are unsure of what you need to do to prepare for your meeting, you can always schedule an appointment with one of us.

Our office hours (Hibbard 172):

Mondays/Wednesdays: 9-11 am

Tuesdays/Thursdays: 12-2 pm

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I have to meet with my advisor?

If you need to receive your PAC code (if you are a Freshman or Sophomore) then yes!

For Juniors and Seniors: Meeting with your advisor is not a requirement, but they can be a great resource for career-related questions and networking options. Additionally, your advisor is likely one of the professionals who has known you the longest during your time here. They can be a great person to use a reference or to write you a letter or recommendation (of course be sure to ask their permission before you list them as a reference).

What can I do to graduate sooner?

Take Winterim and Summer courses! They could save you a lot of money in the long run! These are the courses that are being offered this winter specific to CJ:

  • CJ 202: The Fundamentals of Speech (a requirement for ALL CJ majors and minors)
  • CJ 205: Listening
  • CJ 300: Research Methods (a requirement for many CJ majors and minors)
  • CJ 307: Small Group Communication

Many of these courses are offered online!

Creating a Degree Plan as soon as you can will also help you to get a better idea of how many semesters it will take for you to graduate.

What classes should I take?

The answer is it depends.

The best guide to this is your Degree Audit, which can be found on your MyCampS account. Check out your course catalog for other details and the CJ advising webpage for Advising Sheets.

Your advisor can also help with this.

Where can I go for more information on what I can do with my major?

You can always go to your advisor or professors to talk about what types of jobs could be right for you. As people who know you well, they can also give you some insights related to where they think you would do well. You can also go to Career Services—one of the most important resources on campus! They can help you pick majors/minors, learn more about yourself and your values when it comes to careers, and more!

If I am graduating soon how can I get help searching for jobs or learning how to present myself as the best candidate for a job?

Career Services has some lesser known resources, such as resume reviews, mock interviews, InterviewStream, and resources for locating jobs and unlisted positions. Everyone should begin to take advantage of these resources as soon as they can, but especially Juniors and Seniors!

Are there any Study Abroad Programs that relate specifically to CJ?

YES! Dr. Dorsher is a leading faculty member on a summer study abroad program focused on multimedia journalism in London, Paris, and Nice! This is a great opportunity to expand on your journalism skills and to study in an international setting. For more information visit the Study Abroad website or contact Dr. Dorsher. The priority deadline is coming up on November 17!

As always, we hope that you will be able to meet with us and please email us with any questions or concerns you may have at CJPeerAdvising@uwec.edu.


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