How Abby Reimer Created and Filled a New Position at TV 10

FullSizeRenderMy name is Abby Reimer. I am a sophomore here at UW-Eau Claire and my major is Mass Communication with a public relations emphasis. My minor is in creative writing, which is a big passion of mine. I decided to be a PR major when my mom asked me what I was good at; I had to think for a while before realizing that the ability to make friends easily and be talkative and outgoing is actually a major asset in most job positions, especially in communications. Who knew that my incessant gabbing could be a benefit?

I started working as a news reporter for TV 10 in September. Basically the job position requires one package (short video) per week containing newsworthy information that pertains to Eau Claire. I had never been one to join many organizations, but I got a good feeling from this one the moment I stepped foot in the door. The people I have met and the things I have learned are certainly invaluable. TV 10 also taught me that it is an easy balance between being serious about work and still having loads of fun. For example, if someone is late to a meeting, instead of being yelled at, they are forced to read from children’s books or act out an impromptu puppet show in front of the entire group as punishment.

As my affection for the station grew, so did my frustration that not many students or faculty seemed to know much about the organization. One student I talked to did not know that TV 10 was shown on channel 10, which taught me that when building awareness, information must be as transparent as possible. As a public relations major, I saw an opportunity and pounced. Mustering up a fat seed of courage, I approached the station manager and expressed my interest. I told him that I knew for a fact that awareness about TV 10 was low and that if given the chance, my being a part of the advertising team would benefit the station.

The same night after our meeting, I sent the manager an email that included several of my ideas for getting our name out there. For instance, I suggested posting and tweeting the movie schedule monthly, along with taking movie requests from students via social media in order to get them more involved with the station. Since I’d never chased a position before, I was worried that I’d come off as overly-zealous. Quite the opposite – His response was, “Love the ideas, Abby! They are very outside the box. Glad to see you are really thinking about this.” He told the head of the station about my interest and ideas and informed me a week later that I would be starting a paid position as social media coordinator next semester, a position that currently does not exist.

I learned this year from a coworker at TV 10 that it is beneficial to ask for the job that isn’t offered. According to her, it isn’t necessary to ask for a position that the company already has. Create it yourself. Go to an employer confident and tell them that they need you and why. With employment opportunities being scarce for new graduates, the idea is to show your potential new boss what is missing in his or her company: you. By showing employers how you will be an asset to their company and boldly sharing your thoughts and ideas, a job opportunity could easily present itself as it did for me at TV 10. I greatly look forward to the upcoming semester as both news reporter and social media coordinator.

Abby Reimer


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