Alumnus Dillon Barmore Offers His Advice as a Former December Graduate

Idillon graduated in December 2013 with a degree in Organizational Communication. I began job searching in October and did not land a job until mid February, a couple of weeks after getting married. Yes, getting married jobless was definitely stressful and a time for personal development, to be sure. I currently work as a Customer Operations Analyst for a company called SPS Commerce out of Minneapolis. We provide software based supply chain solutions for retailers, suppliers, third party logistics companies, and anyone involved in the retail supply chain.

My job is essentially customer support for our products and involves a high level of technical analysis and communication skills. My degree helped set me up for success by emphasizing the importance of internal & external communication skills and by giving me the skill set to evaluate and help improve internal processes. As Martha Faye would always say and I can now agree with, communication skills are far and away the most critical skill for success is the workplace.

My advice for December grads is to stick with it if the job search gets tough; persistence will pay off. Focus on your communication skills, leadership potential and excitement to contribute to an organization during interviews. Lastly, SPS Commerce is growing extremely fast and is always hiring; truly an exciting organization to be a part of. Email me at if you would like to discuss opportunities in more detail, I would love to help fellow BluGolds get a foot in the door!


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