Learning through the Winter in Communication and Journalism

Lyga Photo

The three-week UWEC winter session (Winterim) is well underway. Campus is quiet as a few students make their way to class in truly wintry weather (-2o this morning). More students than ever before are taking advantage of the many online courses offered during this session.  CJ is teaching three wholly online courses–listening, research methods, and small group communication. Having a variety of classes available over Winterim allows students to get a few credits ahead while still spending time with family and friends, and perhaps working a few extra hours to save for next semester. Faculty who are not teaching Winterim are busy working on research projects and preparing classes for spring term.

Two UW-Eau Claire journalism majors are spending their “breaks” gaining exciting experience in major news organizations–KSTP-TV in St. Paul and The Washington Post.

Journalism major Breane Lyga is at KSTP-TV in Saint Paul as the Henry Lippold Fellow.  Professor Henry Lippold taught broadcast journalism at UW-Eau Claire and remains a strong supporter of the department and active in the Eau Claire community.  Alumni always have wonderful stories to tell about learning from and working with Professor Lippold.  The annual Lippold Fellowship allows current UW-Eau Claire journalism majors to gain experience in a major market TV news organization.

You can follow Breane’s experience at her blog, Adventures of a 20-something journalist.

Nick EricsonJournalism major Nick Erickson is the Ann Devroy Fellow at The Washington Post. This opportunity is made possible by friends and colleagues of the late Ann Devroy who was a well-known Washington Post staff member and a UW-Eau Claire graduate. Nick will spend three weeks learning about various Washington Post departments, and writing and reporting news.  The department offers special thanks to Mark Matthews, and the Carol Guensburg and Craig Gilbert family, as well as Post Senior Editor Tracy Grant. For a sample of Nick’s work at the Post, see this article on college basketball.

Lippold and Devroy Fellowship alumni tell us what your experiences meant to you.  Alumni who studied with Professor Lippold, share your best stories with us!



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