Study abroad program has a lot to offer CJ students, says CJ study abroad returnee

Every fall semester, the UW-Eau Claire Center for International Education (CIE) hosts the Study Abroad Fair. There, students can get more information about study abroad options, and are able to speak with program representatives, and current UWEC students who have studied at program locations. Participating in study abroad is an especially great opportunity for studyabroadfaircommunication and journalism students because they can learn about communication from different perspectives and gain insight into other cultures that they wouldn’t be able to otherwise have by staying on campus.

On September 30th, crowds of students, representatives, staff, and faculty gathered in the Ojibwe Ballroom of the Davies center for the study abroad fair.

Organizational communication major and study abroad returnee, Claire Malchow, is the social media and marketing intern for the CIE. When asked about her study abroad experience, she said, “studying abroad was definitely one of the best decisions I made at UW-Eau Claire. You learn so much about yourself and about the world around you, and it also enhanced my cross-cultural communication and understanding skills. Although I studied in an English speaking country, it was a different culture and I was able to meet a lot of other international students.”

Malchow with friends at the University of Winchester, where she studied abroad.

Studying abroad gives students a chance to also take a wider variety of classes, or classes with a different perspective. “I took a communication class there and it was so beneficial to me to be able to learn about communication from another perspective and in a very different academic system. That’s why I think studying abroad is a great idea for all CJ majors, and the study abroad fair is a great place to start,” said Malchow.

According to Malchow, the CIE’s study abroad fair went very well, with student engagement being a top priority. “What I think is most helpful is that interested students can talk to program returnees about their host university. In this case, excitement can be infectious and it’s always so awesome to see that in action,” Malchow said.

Malchow said that her experience abroad has made her CJ degree at UW-Eau Claire so much richer and that the fair is a great place for students to start their journey.

Alumni–please use the comments to tell us where you studied abroad and what you learned!


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