Outgoing CJ intern reflects on his time with department

By Trent Tetzlaffaaaa trenr

As graduation sits just over a week away for the large group of seniors that will walk across the stage in Zorn Arena, many are in a state of panic, and some are relaxed.

For a CJ student like me I could be in a stage of panic, but after four years of learning how to become a better communicator, writer, editor and professional in general, I can sit back and relax.

I can relax because I know I am more than prepared for my career that awaits me. Prepared because of the classes I took, the professors who mentored me, the internships and jobs I held and the relationships that I made.

Opportunities are aplenty in the CJ department, thanks to the dedication of faculty and alumni to create these opportunities for students.

For me it was professors like Jan Larson and Mike Dorsher, as a journalism student, that were able to shape me into who I am today, jobs like mine with the Spectator and as the Social Media Intern for the department and every single course I took along the way.

Along with the professors and the courses, another thing that a lot of students seem to forget about during their time in the CJ department is all of the amazing scholarship opportunities they have.

The department offers a ton of great scholarships that can fit any type of CJ major. For me it was the Henry Lippold scholarship for excellence as a Spectator staff writer early on in my time at UW-Eau Claire.

This recognition early in my journalism studies pushed me to become an even better journalist and gave me extra funds to help pay for school.

As I came into my senior year one thing that I lacked yet was professionalism. How do I apply for jobs? How do I interview correctly? How do I dress professionally? These were all questions I asked myself.

Through my work with my communication and journalism professors, these questions were answered.

I will come out of UW-Eau Claire with a journalism degree. But the degree has so much more behind it thanks to the CJ department.

Whether it is my plethora of strong communication skills, professionalism or drive to succeed. Some day it will all pay off in my career.

So now as I prepare for my post graduate internship as a producer with the Post-Crescent back home in Appleton, I take all of these things that I have learned as a student in the CJ department and bring them along with me for the ride.

It’s been a fun four years CJ department!


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