Rest Easy: Success is Waiting for You

Welcome to summer in the Department of Communication and Journalism.  We’ve sent our 2016 graduates on their way into the world, we’ve started welcoming students to their summer classes, and in a few short weeks incoming first year students arrive on campus for orientation.  This week, integrated strategic communication major Jessica Wicklund introduces us to this semester’s edition of “What’s your CJ Story?

Rest Easy: Success is Waiting for You

As a communication and journalism student witnessing seniors beginning to pack up their University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire swag and say their final goodbyes, I have envisioned a future in public relations more than ever before.

Prior to finding my niche in public relations, I began brainstorming major options such as business, chemistry, life coaching, educational counseling – I had exhausted all possibilities. After meeting a few public relations students, I was convinced that I had found people who shared similar passions and goals.

A rush of emotions fell over me as I spoke over the phone with public relations alumna, Anna Moegenburg, for an assignment in my CJ 373 class. Originally planning to relocate to New York, California or anywhere but the Midwest, Anna found herself working at Hiebing, an integrated marketing and advertising agency in Madison as a digital coordinator.

Anna’s biggest piece of advice was to live in the present and to not be afraid to make mistakes. Her honest words spoke to me in a way that I could digest without question. “You will dedicate more hours than you plan on, but the result is worth it all,” she explained.

Speaking with someone who had taken the exact same courses, walked on the same sidewalks and had similar career aspirations, helped me reform my vision post-graduation. Anna provided me with advice for multiple situations that I may encounter in life.

Things I can be sure of:

  • Coffee will remain a best friend
  • Networking pays off
  • You get what you put in
  • Work is called work for a reason

With the help of the communication and journalism department, I am ready to face success and failure in my future. Both are mysteries but inevitable. Both are terrifying but welcome. Both are what my professors, cohorts and family have prepared me for.

Along with 28 other communication and journalism alumni, Anna’s story is published in the spring issue of “What’s Your CJ Story?” – a magazine written by the students of CJ 373 (Writing for Public Relations) whose spring issue features alumni who have graduated with a mass communication degree with an emphasis in public relations. If you are feeling uncertain about your journey or how your story will unfold, take a look at this semester’s magazine to gain real-world insight from our own alumni.


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