Civil Conversations on Inside Eau Claire

Follow the blog posts of UW-Eau Claire students on Inside Eau Claire as they report on the 10th annual Civil Rights Pilgrimage. Photo credit © 2018 Samantha West


Women’s history month at The Cabin

In honor of Women’s History Month, College Feminists will host “Spoken Words for Womyn’s History Month: A Collection of Voices” at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, March 14, in the Cabin. Both original spoken word as well as recitations of powerful women throughout history will be performed as a celebration of womanhood in remembering the experiences of these women who overcame great obstacles in an effort to make their communities a better place for their daughters.

CJ person of the week

Meet Andee! She first became involved with the CJ Department through The Spectator, where she had various positions for a couple years before dedicating her time to other reporting and research projects within the department. Andee said thanks to her professor and mentor Jan Larson she went on a couple immersion reporting trips, first to Selma, Alabama, to interview child foot soldiers of the Civil Rights Movement. This past summer she also embedded herself in a team of UW-Eau Claire researchers as they helped identify Holocaust burial grounds in Lithuania. Andee has also had two summer internships and two winterim fellowships, all in journalism, including the Ann Devroy and Stephen Koepp Fellowships.


31 day video project

Check out the screening of the 31 Day Video Project 2018 at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, March 13, in Woodland Theater! Bring your friends to a night of creativity and fun as these original student films were created in a matter of 31 days and are all related to the common theme of bedtime stories. An award ceremony and refreshments will follow the screening.29178010_1582803595148734_8842227778490204160_n.png

CJ Person of the week

parker second

Meet Parker! He is the station manager of Blugold Radio Sunday, the vice president of print for the Society of Professional Journalists and a news reporter for TV-10. Parker also worked for The Spectator in the past as the sports editor. He said, “I became involved with the CJ Department in my sophomore year and I loved working with the incredible journalists in the department ever since.”

CJ Person of the week

Meet Nicole Belford! She is the editor-in-chief of UW-Eau Claire’s official student newspaper, The Spectator, which she has been a part of for four semesters. Nicole said she loves working with this publication and being an active member in the university’s CJ Department because it has further enhanced her learning, provided connections with peers and cultivated an overall positive experience throughout her college career. “I wouldn’t be where I am today without The Spectator,” she said.nikki first

CJ Person of the Week

Meet Jennifer! When she first joined the Department of Communication and Journalism as an Organizational Communication major, she said “the brilliant professors and engaging coursework proved she had found her fit.” The leadership skills, persuasive strategies and real-world applications of course content that she learned throughout her years at UWEC have assisted her in the successful completion of two internships, Oppor said.

Besides the thrill of working for a Fortune 500 company in Minneapolis last summer, she simultaneously continued a student-faculty research project with Dr. Martha Fay. She and Dr. Fay investigated stereotype threat, impression management, face negotiation theory and more. In the coming year, she said they hope to see this study published to mark the completion of an exciting adventure. As graduation draws near, she said she, “can’t help but smile knowing the friends she made and the skills she practiced.”

She said the projects she completed with the Department of Communication and Journalism will have an enduring impact on her professional career.28061609_1560951704000590_323739476068113707_o.jpg

Blugold’s Org Bash

The Blugold Orgs Bash will help you find the student organization for you! The event is from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 7, in Davies’ Ojibwe and Dakota ballrooms and provides ample opportunity for job-related experience in a CJrelated field. CJ orgs that will be present include CJO, The Spectator, PRSSA, PAL and many others including various campus media groups.

Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at 2.25.35 PM

CJ Student of the week

Meet Rachel! She is a CJ junior who has found a home in the CJ Department at UW-Eau Claire. She said she loves how personable the professors are and appreciates the one-on-one conversations that you get the opportunity to have at our University.

This past summer, Rachel presented at the International Environmental Communication Conference in Leicester, England in collaboration with research she did with Dr. David Tschida.

“This opportunity was such a great experience as it combined both my major and minor, as well as getting to travel ‘across the pond’,” Rachel said.

She is also the PR coordinator for the University of Activities Commission. She says this has been a phenomenal experience for her as it has helped her to grow in the skills that she can use in future careers. It has also connected her to many events that happen on our campus.

As the PR coordinator, she handles the social media’s publicizing all of the fun events that happen for Homecoming, Chancellor’s Roundtables, Late Night events, the HUGE Spring Concert, and the shows that happen in The Cabin every weekend.25487611_1501636763265418_4694550443965121113_o.jpg