CJ person of the week

Meet Kimberly! She said she loves being a part of the CJ Department because of the opportunities to collaborate with fellow students and community partners. She said she especially enjoyed CJ 351, strategic event planning, because “it gave me the opportunity to assist in the planning and execution of a communication and journalism conference for high school students and this experience confirmed my interest in the event planning field.” This summer Theisen will apply what she learned in CJ 351 and other CJ courses to her events internship at the Experimental Aircraft Association in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.



CJ person of the week

30726856_1618528884909538_4662266259134480384_n.jpgMeet Brett! She is the PR and Event Planning intern for the Chippewa Valley Free Clinic and she said she uses a lot of concepts she learned from her CJ classes to do the marketing for events she plans for the clinic. Hayden said, “I’ve loved being apart of the CJ department because of the amazing professors I’ve been able to learn from.”

CJ students conduct research

CJ students Janel Riegleman and Maddie Forrest recently attended the Central States Communication Association conference in Omaha, Nebraska, with Dr. Mary Worley. Riegleman and Forrest are currently conducting undergraduate research with Worley on enhancing campus safety in regard to the rise of mass shootings on college campuses. The trio hopes to share their research at the Central States Communication Association conference next year, and they attended the conference this year to get a feel of what to expect.

“The Central States Communication Association conference was one of most interactive and hands-on experiences I’ve been able to have during my college career,” Forrest said. “It was fascinating to see and hear all of the similarities between how communication courses are being taught around the central states. It was definitely reassuring to know that what we are being taught at UWEC is preparing us effectively for potential careers in the Midwest.”

“It was a wonderful weekend,” Riegelman added. “We learned from PR professionals, professors and students.”

The students also will present their research at CERCA May 2 and 3.


CJ person of the week

30624737_1611738742255219_8704676236745506816_nMeet Holly! She is a peer diversity educator, member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars and has been a first year experience mentor for CJ 105. “The CJ department has been a great way for me to meet students who are genuinely excited about the work they are doing,” White said. Working with community partners in CJ 307 and 355 have been great opportunities to make connections and understand the magnitude of her studies, she said. Her favorite part about the CJ department is the professors who are invested in students’ success and care about students at a deeper level than just academics.

CJ person of the week

Meet Kim! She said she loves being a part of the CJ department because of the awesome professors who never fail to challenge students to think critically and work hard. Many meaningful friendships and connections were created through her CJ classes, she said, especially CJ 307 Small Group Communication with Dr. Nicole Schultz. She said she liked the Social Problem Research Project (SPRP) component of the class, because “SPRP was a project that gave me an opportunity to lead my group and work closely with a community partner.” Her experiences with SPRP gave her the inspiration to take a year off after graduation in May to volunteer as a Young Adult Volunteer in Albuquerque, New Mexico. “The CJ department offers many opportunities in classes to get real world experience and I would recommend taking advantage of every opportunity,” North said.29793465_1605593962869697_1585151075146970673_n.jpg

Jake Wrasse

Blugold alumnus and second-year graduate student at James Madison University, Jake Wrasse recently published an article titled “Meeting the commander-in-waiting: undecided voters and the 2016 vice-presidential debate” in the academic journal Argumentation and Advocacy. Wrasse said his article started as a research project in class, then became an opportunity to work with CNN to convene a focus group of undecided voters to watch the 2016 vice presidential campaign. Their response was key to his article and was also broadcast during CNN’s post-debate coverage. Wrasse will receive his Master of Arts degree in Strategic Communication in May and return to UW-Eau Claire thereafter to start a new job as a Government and Community Relations Specialist in the Chancellor’s office.

“UW-Eau Claire allowed me to gain academic knowledge alongside practical experiences on the Blugold Forensics team and as a leader on the Student Senate,” Wrasse said. “Without those opportunities, I’m sure I never would have gone to graduate school, and I certainly would not have had one of my academic articles published. The faculty and staff and UW-Eau Claire helped me—as they help so many students—unlock potential I didn’t even recognize I had.”

CJ Forensics Director Karen Morris and Dr. Martha Fay, who mentored Wrasse, spoke highly of his time at UW-Eau Claire and his potential for success early on. Morris said Wrasse began his college career with an interest in radio, that, four years later, became a bachelor’s degree in communication studies and a full scholarship and graduate assistantship at James Madison University. Fay said Wrasse’s intellectual curiosity and strong critical thinking skills offered clear evidence of his ability to understand complex concepts and articulate them clearly.

For his part, Wrasse offers credit to those who mentored him.

“I remember taking human communication theory with Karen Morris and realizing that I really loved analyzing frameworks for understanding the world around us,” Wrasse said. “This class, as well as my experiences as a political science minor, laid the groundwork for later research projects in my capstone class with Martha Fay and in CJ 355 with Mary Hoffman. My time at UWEC allowed me to learn research fundamentals and also sparked my interest in how communication mediates our reality, which undoubtedly set me up for success in grad school.”


CJ person of the week

Meet Sami! Through her involvement with the CJ Department, she spent January in Washington D.C. for a three-week internship at The Washington Post as UW-Eau Claire’s 20th Ann Devroy Fellow. She also has made connections with local journalists through the department and has been working at the Eau Claire Leader-Telegram for the last two and a half years. She is part of the group of journalists working on the ongoing Civil Conversations reporting project and also has an internship content writing for a local skincare start-up called Melnaturel.

“Although it took me a little longer to discover my passion for journalism, I’m so glad I did,” West said. It all started when she joined The Spectator as a first year student, taking on an editing role after that first semester. Because of her involvement and success on the student newspaper, she decided to pursue journalism. She became editor-in-chief of The Spectator last spring after five semesters of involvement. West said she is thankful for and honored to work with her mentor Jan Larson as well as other CJ faculty and staff through the years.

“Not only did my experience at The Spectator lead me to a future in journalism, but it also led me to further understanding who I am and the person I wish to be,” West said. “Although I’d always enjoyed reading, writing, books and the news, I spent my whole life thinking I wanted to become a teacher. Through the CJ department, I realized journalism is my passion and, in some respects, is a form of teaching in itself. Journalists seek the truth endlessly and tell stories to inform the public of these truths they may not have been otherwise aware of — I’m so glad to be part of that.”29541743_1596667137095713_7400861220745768638_n

Women’s history month at The Cabin

In honor of Women’s History Month, College Feminists will host “Spoken Words for Womyn’s History Month: A Collection of Voices” at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, March 14, in the Cabin. Both original spoken word as well as recitations of powerful women throughout history will be performed as a celebration of womanhood in remembering the experiences of these women who overcame great obstacles in an effort to make their communities a better place for their daughters.

CJ person of the week

Meet Andee! She first became involved with the CJ Department through The Spectator, where she had various positions for a couple years before dedicating her time to other reporting and research projects within the department. Andee said thanks to her professor and mentor Jan Larson she went on a couple immersion reporting trips, first to Selma, Alabama, to interview child foot soldiers of the Civil Rights Movement. This past summer she also embedded herself in a team of UW-Eau Claire researchers as they helped identify Holocaust burial grounds in Lithuania. Andee has also had two summer internships and two winterim fellowships, all in journalism, including the Ann Devroy and Stephen Koepp Fellowships.